The short story BASTIONS.


Just wanted to share these fantastic miniatures of the Excoriators Space Marines Chapter, 5th Company. The Excoriators feature in my novel Legion of the Damned. They were a chapter I built up pretty much from scratch and so had a great opportunity to give them their own character. One of those features were the way in which the Excoriators repair their armour but leave the blemishes and bolt craters as a reminder of the battles they have fought and the failures they have endured. As a Second Founding Imperial Fists chapter I felt that this form of censure and remembrance went well with their character. Each nick, scorch and bolt blast is annotated on the plate with the date and place of its occurrence.

Gamer and modeller Deathspectersgt7 has devoted some time to bringing the Excoriators 5th Company to the table top with his interpretation of the chapter. I thought they were fantastic and decided to share them here on the blog. I hope you like them too. Deathspectersgt7's ongoing work with the Excoriators can be found HERE. If you haven't read about the Excoriators you can find them in the novel Legion of the Damned and the short story Bastions. Check them out!


'The Space Marine's face was barely clinging to his blood-stained skull. What flesh remained was ragged putrescence framing the perfection of lipless teeth and a bone-fused bionic eye. The optic glowed with a life its owner clearly no longer possessed.'

From the short story BASTIONS.

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