Want To Play?: Know Your Tyranids!

More games and puzzles! Today's conundrum concerns my latest short story called Fearful Symmetries. Fearful Symmetries features the Deathwatch Space Marines - the Imperium's redoubtable xenos hunters.

The Deathwatch are summoned to the Opus Ersaticus forge world by Inquisitor Kryptman to have the secrets of a new and deadly species revealed to them: the Tyranids! Fearful Symmetries can be found in the Xenos Hunters short story anthology, which has just been released this month. You can find Xenos Hunters here.

The Tyranids are well known for the diversity of their bio-engineered forms and the horror of their deranged construction. Check out these different species of Tyranid. Do you recognise any? Can you unjumble the letters to confirm your identification?

Answers up soon. Some fantastic pieces of art there from sketchers of alien monstrosity from across the web.

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Lord of the Night said...

In order from first to last.

Genestealer, Hormagaunt, Ripper, Gargoyle, Hive Tyrant, Lictor, Carnifex, Warrior.