Dealings of the Damned

My novel Legion of the Damned was fortunate enough to receive an early ebook release over Christmas. Thank you for all the warm comments and fantastic reviews I’ve received over the past few months. Many readers still love their fiction inked into crisp paper, however. Some like to enjoy early release digitals and then buy softbacks for their bookcases. Both formats have their virtues. Ebooks are portable and convenient, while print novels are artefacts in their own right, that say something about themselves and their owners, while sat on living room, study or bedroom shelves. When compared to other cultural forms, the idea of purchasing the same product in different formats seems entirely natural. I go to the cinema to see films that I’m fairly sure I’m going to end up owning on DVD or BluRay.

Legion of the Damned has now been released in print format and can be ordered directly from Black Library, Amazon (uk,.com etc) or snapped up off the shelf in Waterstones, Games Workshop stores and other reputable bookshops. Feel free to drop a quick review of your thoughts and reactions on any of these sites. If you would like to check out extracts for the novel, to whet your literary appetite, then these can be found here and here. A trailer for the novel can be found here. Emergency exits can be found at the rear of the aircraft here and here. Oh, and to celebrate the early ebook release of the novel I did a countdown called 'Seven Days of Damnation'. Links to each of the days can be found below.

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 1

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 2 - Game On!

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 3 - New Skin

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 4 - Damnation's Calling

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 5 - Visions of Damnation

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 6 - Legion of the Damned Extract

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 7 - Great News!

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