A Chink In The Armour

It's interesting the things you find on the internet (ha, ha!) Sometimes you find nice little details and projects based upon your own work. It's always encouraging to find that others have put in creative work in response to your own. This is an image I discovered depicting the plate of an Excoriators Space Marine from my novel Legion of the Damned. I love it. I supply it here with a description from the novel that might have inspired it.

" ‘Approbator Quast?’ the Adeptus Astartes rumbled. When Quast didn’t answer, the Excoriator removed his helmet. He peered down at the acolyte over his chestplate, revealing his mangled features - a patchwork of ugly stitching cutting his ancient face into quarters.
Quast couldn’t quite find his words in the presence of the Angel. Neither could he hold the intensity of the Excoriator’s dark eyes and found his own drift down the detail of the scarred battle plate. Unconsciously leaning in, Quast saw that adorning each nick, each sword slash and bullet hole was an inscription, scratched in High Gothic lettering. The battleplate was covered in such markings, each gouge and lasburn bearing its own notation. Dates and locations: 221751.M41 Gethsemane; 435405.M41 Delleria Secundus; 997640.M41 MallastabergIII . From the dun sheen of the ivory armour worn by the Excoriators beyond, Quast assumed their plate bore the same mixture of script and scarring. "
Legion of the Damned A Space Marine Battles Novel


Anonymous said...

The Excoriators are an amazing chapter. Rob, you did an awesome job of fleshing them out. They are not only unique, but also very believable/convincing.


Cheers Anonymous,
They were a lot of fun to flesh out and I'd love to return to them in the future. Thanks for the comment!

Rob : )

Zach Wooten said...

Greetings Rob and well met,

My name is Zach and I'm a long time fan of the WH40K universe. I'm one of the moderators ('Algrim Whitefang') and main contributors of all things 40k fluff-related on the Warhammer 40 wiki:


Glad you enjoyed the artwork I did for your Excoriators Chapter! I hope I did your Chapter justice by my small tribute to them!

I also wanted to mention that I loved your book 'Legion of the Damned'. You definitely filled a void in the LoD's history that has been a long time coming. I especially enjoyed your creation of the Excoriators Chapter! It's nice to see some more 'Sons of Dorn' Chapters in the WH40K universe. An excellent a well-thought out Chapter! Excellent work! Spot on!



aka 'Algrim Whitefang'


Hi Zach,

I really enjoyed your representation of the Excoriators. I hope you don't mind me reproducing it here. Thanks for your kind words about 'Legion of the Damned' and the Excoriators. I really wanted to build a chapter from the ground up and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. Thanks for showcasing the in such glorious detail on your wiki!



Kevin Hasty said...

Mr Sanders. I just wanted to say that I am in the middle of your book, Legion of the Damned, which I bought because I wanted to read about the Legion of the Damned. I was a little surprised to see there really isn't much of the LotD in it yet but the Excoiators are so awesome I'm not that worried about it. The Excoriators embody everything I could imagine in the Space Marines. I am an Imperial Fist player, and love to see one of their Successor Chapters get this much love.

Kevin Hasty said...

I just wanted to let you know how great Legion of the Damned is. I'm only halfway thru it so far, but I am enthralled! I was surprised the Legion itself hasn't really appeared yet, but I love the characterization of the Excoriators so much I don't mind at all. I listened to your interview on the Independent Characters podcast about this and I totally understand your reasons for having the Legion in the book the way you do. I play IMperial Fists and I just wnated to let you know how much I love the way their successor chapter appears in this book.