Where The Hell Have I Been 2?

A long time ago I wrote a post called 'Where The Hell Have I Been?' which was very popular. Consider this a follow up. Well, I’m back into the swing of things. I recently uploaded a post indicating how ‘Buried’ I had been in work other than writing. Readers who check out the ‘About the Author’ section at the back of my books know that I’m an English teacher - a Head of English, in fact – and although I enjoy teaching and have enjoyed a lot of success, I’ve always wanted to be an author. Teaching is my past and writing is my future. In my present the two compete for my attention. Recent months have been a good example of this. Exam season is crazy for teachers responsible for a single class of students but when you’re the Head of English then you’re responsible for all students in a school taking all qualifications in your subject – GCSE, A Level, English, Literature and Media. This had led me many months ago to make a further commitment to my writing future by stepping down as Head of Department and continuing on as a part time teacher. This would be a difficult transition for most professionals but I am so excited about my recent creative successes and my future as an author that I simply can’t wait.

I must apologise for my recent absence from the blog. I consider it an important medium and use it to showcase my work and achievement - and regularly connect with readers on a broad range of genre-related topics. So, I’m re-affirming that commitment here and am eager to get back into it – now that the crazy exam season is not only over but, due to rearranging my commitments, will never come to dominate my time in the same way again.

I have a bunch of brilliant stuff to share and to kick us off I give you a recent interview I did with Carl Tuttle of the wonderful ‘The Independent Characters’ - a Warhammer 40k podcast. I encourage you to check out ‘The Independent Characters’ and their entertaining reviews of Games Workshop products and Black Library fiction. A link to the most recent show is supplied below and my interview occurs at the 03:17:50 time stamp.

The Independent Characters – Warhammer 40k Podcast Episode 52 – Interview


The Independent Characters said...

Wouldn't want to leave out that our "Forbidden Lore" with you was just released yesterday as a part of Episode 53!

Thanks for taking the time to converse with us Rob. It was an absolute pleasure for Geoff and myself. We hope you had fun with it too!

Tim Kenyon said...

Welcome back, sir. I, for one, never wondered which ole you disappeared down from the end of February onwards. I've been there myself, only my subject was science with a department that needed to improve every year. I understand completely how much time it takes, and how much of one's life it absorbs.

All credit to you for stepping back to part time to concentrate on the writing. I think it's a wise move, and a brave one. You have my complete support, my greatest wishes, and (in the best way) a small amount of jealousy. It's what I want for my life, but I'm yet to get through the door.

Nice to have you back.



Absolutely, TheIC. I really enjoyed talking to you and Geoff. Loads of fun. We should it again. : )


Hi Tim,
Thanks for the understanding and camaraderie. Thanks also for the encouragement. Teaching is a noble pursuit and I've move than put in my Tours of Duty. Time to see where my writing takes me. : ) There are no guarantees in life for any of us but I'd like to think there's a creative future for all of us.

Allan said...

Hi Rob,

Think it's a brave move focussing your working life onto writing! Good luck! Reading Legion of the Damned right now, and by all accounts your decision sounds good for your readers!!! Personally I think your novels are only getting better (and I also talk to people most days about your novels in my job, and they agree), so the more the merrier!


Hi Allan,

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I'm glad you think my work is going in the right direction. I'll endeavour to keep it going that way!

Been checking out your blog 'Random Words'. We have something else in common, beyond the 40k universe. I too think I could survive a zombie apocalypse! Us apocalyptic survivors have to stick together. : D