Damnation's Calling

Today we’re bouncing back to the representation of the Legion of the Damned in the Warhammer 40k tabletop game. We’ve looked at the cool miniatures – but what can you do with them? Choosing to take a squad of Legion of the Damned with your regular force of Space Marines confers certain advantages. The Damned Legionnaires are a must for players who not only wish to add a little variety to their force but also the supernatural advantages of a rule-set particular to this spectral cadre of Elite troops.

The first advantage to taking a squad of the Legion of the Damned is their enhanced profile.

Damned Sergeant
WS-5 BS-4 S-4 T-4 A-1 I-4 A-2 Ld-10 Sv-3+

Damned Legionnaire
WS-4 BS-4 S-4 T-4 A-1 I-4 A-2 Ld-10 Sv-3+

Damned Sergeants are allowed the same equipment and weapon choices as regular Tactical Squad Sergeants, but in terms of close combat, can do more with them. A WS of 5 gives Damned Sergeants extra killing power usually reserved for characters like Space Marine Librarians and Chaplains. Even veteran Sergeants of Vanguard, Sternguard, Assault or even Terminator squads receive this advantage. The Damned Sergeant has two attacks with which to bring his close combat capabilities to bear: but so do regular Legionnaires. Each Damned Legionnaire also has two attacks, again better than regular Space Marines and equal to veterans and Sergeants. It is the Leadership scores of these spectral warriors that really stand out. Being supernatural beings themselves, they are not easily spooked and therefore – even under the most horrifying of circumstances – they remain dauntless and are unlikely the fail a Leadership test.

The Legion of the Damned bring with them a set of rules that reinforce their reputation as ghostly warriors that appear as if from nowhere to avenge their Adeptus Astartes’ brethren without doubt or fear.

The Legion of the Damned automatically pass all Morale and Pinning tests they are required to take, meaning that regardless of the circumstances (lost comrades, encountering Terrifying creatures etc.) they never lose their cool and retreat from the battlefield.

Aid Unlooked For
The Legion of the Damned appear at their battle brothers’ side - in the right place at the right time. This is represented in this rule that gives a squad of Damned Legionnaires to ability to Deep Strike, appearing on the tabletop as though reserves on a turn designated by a dice roll. They can do this even if the mission specifies that troops cannot ordinarily do this. They can materialise anywhere you need them. Usually, troops need to roll a scatter dice to represent the inaccuracies of teleportation or poor tactical intelligence. Damned Legionnaires appear where they are needed, however, and get to re-roll the scatter dice, meaning they are much more likely to appear where they are absolutely required.

Slow and Purposeful
The Legion of the Damned move like the damned – slow and purposeful. This means that they do not always move at the same speed as other infantry. They move as though they are constantoly in difficult terrain, meaning that although they look creepy as hell and unstoppable, their movement every turn is always dependent upon the die. They are also, however, ‘Relentless’ and this means that they can shoot with rapid fire and heavy weapons counting as stationary, even if they moved in the previous movement phase, and are also allowed to assault in the same turn as they fire them. Supernatural warriors indeed!

Unyielding Spectres
This rule gives the Legion of the Damned an invulnerable save. When powerful weapons strike ordinary Space Marines in their power armour, the ability of the armour to shield the Space Marine from harm is compromised. 3+ is an impressive save but when a heavy weapon like a missile launcher or lascannon blasts a Space Marine in the chest, it takes a little more than armour plating to save him. Being supernatural beings, the Legion of the Damned can walk straight through the maelstrom of heavy weapon strikes and other impacts of powerful weapons without any modification to their save. Their armour always saves them on a 3,4,5 or 6. A major advantage.

For more details of these rules and weapon / equipment choices for the Legion of the Damned, check out the Warhammer 40,000 Rule Book and Space Marines Codex. This rule set, as well as the enhanced profile, make the Legion of the Damned an incredible asset to the Space Marine player. Even if this still doesn’t sway you, they still look cool and creepy on the battlefield!

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