"Fantastic Read"

I was surfing the web and came across this rather excellent site called Imagined Realms blogging out of Melbourne, Australia. The blogger, who I know only as Sigil, read my novel Atlas Infernal and was kind enough to give it the full review treatment in the blog’s ‘Reviews in Motion’ section. It is a review in three parts, dealing with early promise and artwork, impressions of Atlas Infernal at the half way point and finally a considered review of the novel upon completion. I’m really intrigued by Imagined Realms’ approach to the review process, breaking it down in this way, and really enjoyed reading Sigil’s insights and observations on Atlas Infernal. I encourage you to check out the review and further bloggage from Imagined Realms.

Reviews in Motion – Atlas infernal 1.1

Reviews in Motion – Atlas infernal 1.2

Reviews in Motion – Atlas infernal 1.3


Anonymous said...

It is a very good review technique, novel's aren't consistent in pacing and style sometimes and it can be helpful to hear impressions at different stages.

I also agreed fully with the reviewer, even down to his prospero burns tangent, atlus is a great read and I am likewise hoping for a sequel!


Hey, thanks for reading Atlas Infernal - I'm really glad you enjoyed it. : )