Game On!

For some people, fiction simply isn’t enough. After reading about characters blasting the hell out of each other, some of you want to take the experience to the next level. You want to direct those characters yourselves. For some the Xbox 360 calls. With a controller and a comfy seat, you can become the character and direct their actions. Might I recommend the excellent Space Marine Xbox 360 game if you want to do just that. For some, however, directing one killing-machine character is one-hundred too few. For some, carnage finds expression in the tactical realism of tabletop gaming, in which players get to direct the actions of entire armies. Warhammer 40,000 is one such game.

Fortunately, the Legion of the Damned - from my upcoming novel of the same name – have their own miniature range. If you suspect that your regular troops are going to get smashed, then it’s a good idea to bring along these spectral crusaders, who can appear from out of nowhere on the battlefield and help you turn the tide against your opponent. What’s more, in my humble opinion, the Legion of the Damned are represented in some of the most atmospheric and downright creepy miniatures out there. A little something to unnerve the enemy, as the dice are being rolled. Check these out:

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 1

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 3 - New Skin

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 4 - Damnation's Calling

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 5 - Visions of Damnation

Seven Days of Damnation: Day 6 - Legion of the Damned Extract

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