Forbidden Lore

I don’t get very much opportunity to indulge in the aural aspects of the internet. The internet, for me, is largely words and images. When I do listen, it’s usually something on YouTube (accompanied by images). Podcasting, therefore, is not an area that I paid a great deal of attention to. There are some fantastic sites offering podcasts out there, so I’ve started to discover. One such place is The Independent Characters, where hosts Carl Tuttle and Geoff Hummel review and analyse new Warhammer 40,000 gaming and fiction releases. Listening to Carl and Geoff, it struck me what a professional operation The Independent Characters is and how informed and thoughtful the hosts are about the material they review.

I was thrilled to see that before Christmas, the pair devoted nearly an hour of one of their ‘Forbidden Lore’ podcasts to reviewing my novel Atlas Infernal. These guys gave the book the full treatment and talked in great detail about aspects of the novel and characters that they enjoyed. I want to thank Carl and Geoff for choosing Atlas Infernal for The Independent Characters, reading the novel so thoughtfully and taking the time to review it so extensively. Thanks guys. You can visit The Independent Characters here and tune into their weekly Warhammer 40K observations. They are a well deserving addition to my blog section ‘The Scene’ (on the sidebar) in which I am gradually placing sites worthy of attention.

The Atlas Infernal podcast can be found below. You can listen to it directly from the site using a bar near the bottom of the page. Carl and Geoff take care of some podcast housekeeping stuff right at the beginning but you can cut in at about 3 mins 50 seconds (what podcasters call ‘Time Stamping’) where the hosts begin talking about the novel. The review continues until the end of the programme. If you have a few minutes to spare, I encourage you to check it out.

Atlas Infernal - Forbidden Lore Podcast: The Independent Characters Podcast


Troglodytes'r'us said...

A very good way to spend 40minutes listening to that, and a thorough and accurate review.
It has actually convinced me to read my copy of Atlus for a second time :)


Cheers Troglodytes'r'us. It was nice of you to spent the time listening. Thanks for buying 'Atlas Infernal'. Hope you enjoy your second reading.

: )

Troglodytes'r'us said...

Well it was either listen to this or work on my dissertation...

Easy choice really :P

The Independent Characters said...

Well - wasn't I suprised when I took a look at your site and saw you had listened to the episode! It was a great and fun read Rob and we are eagerly awaiting more from you in the 40k Universe!

Thanks for the fantastic compliments you paid us in kind.



Thanks Carl. Really enjoyed 'Forbidden Lore' and appreciated your insights. You have another committed listener : )