Soundtracks to Write By 6#

I really enjoy listening to film soundtracks while I’m writing. There’s a lot of fantastic stuff out there. The trick is finding it or remembering it from a great film you have enjoyed. Films don’t always have to great in order to produce really stirring soundtracks. The Time Machine (2002) starring Guy Pearce is an enjoyable film that in fairness could have been a lot better. It does have some nice touches. Serious brownie points go to the film being helmed by director Simon Wells, who just happens to be the great-grandson of the writer of the original (and genre-defining) novella HG Wells. The film does, however, benefit from a seriously uplifting and epic soundtrack. A particular favourite of mine are several tracks that chart the time traveller’s genius and construction of his time machine. I also like tracks that celebrate the Eloi. Both are included in the suite below. The soundtrack was composed by Klaus Badelt, who was also responsible for some fine work on the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with Hans Zimmer. Enjoy.

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Jonathan Green said...

Hi Rob

Great choice! Have just purchased thanks to your recommendation. Strangely I could see this working with the writing of certain Space Marine scenes.

Trouble is, I now have a hankering to watch The Time Machine again.