Great News!

To conclude 'Seven Days of Damnation', I have some fantastic news from my publisher Black Library. My novel Legion of the Damned is due to be released in April. Print copies will be on sale from then and hopefully I’ll be signing a fair few at Black Library Live this year. For those of you eager to read the next novel in the ‘Space Marine Battles’ series now, however (as a special Christmas treat) Black Library have brought forward the Ebook release date of Legion of the Damned to... TODAY!

If ‘Seven Days of Damnation’ has further whetted your appetite for action-packed Space Marine fiction involving the Legion of the Damned, you’re interested in the newest stories from Rob Sanders or you simply need to break in a brand new Kindle – click the link below and read Legion of the Damned over a very Merry Christmas.

Legion of the Damned (Space Marine Battles) by Rob Sanders – Ebook

If you have enjoyed ‘Seven Days of Damnation’ and are interested in regular updates for this blog (I am a fairly frequent blogger!) then click here or the Facebook icon on the side bar and ‘Like’ on the author page beyond. Merry Christmas!

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Sigil said...

Great! Like I haven't got enough BL books taking up space on my iPhone....

Hey, wait just a minute there...the timing of this announcement...the LoD aren't showing up on reindeer are they??


Only if those reindeer have an invulnerable save, can Deep Strike and spectral hooves of doom!

Anders. said...

At page 175 atm.

Looks like its starting now! ^^