Get to know a little more about author Rob Sanders by playing 'True or False'. Below are twenty statements. Ten are true and ten are false. See if you can guess which are which. Answers are given on the link below.

1 I was banned from the Library not once but twice for not returning library books.

2 I have been writing for Black Library, in one form or another, for ten years.

3 My office is a perpetual mess, buried in books and trinkets associated with popular culture.

4 I once wrote a short story with crime author Ian Rankin, creator of Rebus.

5 I have a First Class Honours in English Literature and History.

6 I hate the plays of William Shakespeare – reading them, being assessed on them and teaching them.

7 When I was younger I had a collection of poetry published.

8 Starting as the Head of English at a local secondary school, I improved GCSE English grades by 20% in a single year.

9 My favourite film of all time is Aliens (1986) by James Cameron.

10 In my twenties, I spent six months in Nigeria on a Voluntary Service Overseas teaching placement.

11 Despite not being religious, I once won a national fiction competition by writing a fictional book of the Old Testament.

12 I prefer silence while I am writing, since I’m dreadfully easy to distract.

13 My first introduction to Fantasy and Science Fiction was through gamebooks.

14 I wasn’t a big reader of fiction in my childhood, much preferring non-fiction – books on space and dinosaurs.

15 My first published fiction came about by accident, when a friend of mine introduced me to editor Christian Dunn.

16 Among the classics, my favourite novel is ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’.

17 I have a Border Collie called ‘Gatsby’.

18 I tend to write first drafts by hand before typing them up on a laptop.

19 I did a work placement with my publisher, to experience the process of producing a novel from the editorial end of the process.

20 I have never played Warhammer 40,000, or any Games Workshop product for that matter.

See how many you got right. Check your answers HERE.

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