Electric Shoeboxing #7


The short story HANDS OF THE EMPEROR in 'The Imperial Truth'


That's right. Electric Shoeboxing is back. Haven't touched this one for a while. The general idea is that I'm trying to sift the internet (the whole of it, pretty much) for topical feedback to my work. My feeling is that if someone has been kind enough to read one of my novels or short stories and taken the time to write a little about it then the least I can do is acknowledge the kindness. I do this by collecting them here. I have a 'Reviews' section for formal critiques and casual comments tend to go in the 'From the Web' - although I struggle to keep up! Shorter reviews and extended observations tend to go in 'Electronic Shoeboxing' - a blog version of a shoebox containing cuttings and clippings etc. Here is today's. Thanks to Tarl Hoch for this one.

'The Serpent Beneath' by Rob Sanders was a fun story about the Alpha Legion. I have to say, this story surprised me the most. What seems like a standard mission of the Alpha Legion's preference, there is a whole lot more going on in this story. I can't even talk about it for fear or wrecking it for anyone who reads it. Even the ending left me impressed at Sanders' writing and ability to weave more than one surprise into this story. Highly enjoyable, and I can't wait to see what happens with the plot lines set forth from this story!'


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