The novel Legion of the Damned.


For today's offering I thought that I would spoil you with a map of the entire Warhammer 40K galaxy. Well... sort of. Consider it a meme-gift for your interest. What would be really cool is if we could spread it around a bit. Feel free to copy and paste it onto Facebook and forums. I borrow art all the time and credit it so I expect no less of you. The Facebook LIKES, Twitter FOLLOWing and blog joining is all progressing well (all located on the right hand side bar). If you would like to keep up to date with Rob Sanders Speculative Fiction then connect to the blog with one or all of those. Conversely, feel free to include a link to the blog on your own site. Like a Tyranid hive fleet or heretical idea - the blog is spreading!


'"I'm the Scourge," Kersh said. "I was born a warrior. I was engineered to kill."

The novel Legion of the Damned

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Bellarius said...

Okay, that's actually pretty funny. Especially the massive "RETCONNED" line stabbing the galaxy through the centre.