"A Tale of Dissension..."

Review time! Reviews have been flying in for my novel ‘Legion of the Damned’ and over the next few weeks it is my intention to share them here. Magpie-like I suppose I like to organise the mess that is the internet and put my reviews in one place. This piece is by Black Library-reviewing stalwarts 'Falcata Times', who had some nice things to say about my writing.

“Falcata Times Reviews : ‘Legion of the Damned’

I love a tale of dissension, hostility and of course combat, yet when the first two are present within a Space Marine unit then it’s going to make for some interesting storytelling as the Excoriators take the lead in this, the new Space Marine Battle title. In addition to inner turmoil, add solid combat, some wonderful twists and of course heavy hand to hand fighting and it’s a title that will keep many a reader happy, however with the loss of focus part way the pace does tend to slack off until the final sequence.

Finally add to this an author who has a good understanding of prose alongside dialogue and all in, it’s a solid release and whilst not my favourite story in the series, the inner conflict really wins it some brownie points.”

Falcata Times reviews a wide range of fiction and their website can be found here. Check it out.


Sindexter said...

Dude the novel was fantastic ! I was hooked from start to finish !


Cheers, Sindexter. Glad you were hooked. Hope to keep you so in future work! : )