Paint it Black

Painting. When I initially took up the Warhammer 40k hobby - in my younger days - I was struck by how involving it is. There’s the time and imaginative energy it takes to assemble and collect the miniatures and lend your army/armies character; to get together with friends who had done the same and devise battle scenarios and background; to read the wealth of background books and codexes that accompany the different factions; to create scenery and objectives; to paint your glorious miniatures and finally, to play the game. Entire summers of my childhood zoomed by in a haze of rulebooks, tape measures and multi-sided dice.

I was a passable painter but again it was the creative element that appealed to me rather than the technical aptitude. I really have respect for painters who can do both. Recently I discovered this miniature on the internet by a painter-gamer called QiaoZhong. It is Barabas Dantioch - a Loyalist Iron Warrior – from my Horus heresy short story called The Iron Within. The Iron Within can be found here or as part of the Horus Heresy anthology Age of Darkness here. I’m very fond of Dantioch’s character and he’s also proved popular with reader meaning that it is especially nice to see him represented in miniature form. An excellent paint job, I’m sure you’ll agree. Thanks QiaoZhong.


Anonymous said...

That is basically how I imagined Dantioch, sure enough!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Miniature. Has just the right look for a Heresy (loyalist) Iron Warrior.