Electric Shoeboxing #6

The scissors have returned. Today I am back to my obsession with organising the internet and gathering snippets of project-related stuff and putting them in the equivalent of a 'shoebox'. Needless to say, these clippings aren't just placed in a shoebox and slipped under a bed or into the back of a cupboard. They belong here on the blog where they will be organised and preserved for as long as the internet lasts (probably quite a while). Today I gather a few snippets from a range of locations on my Horus Heresy short story The Iron Within, which can be found in the collection Age of Darkness. A big thanks to those who take the time to register their appreciation.

"The Iron Within by Rob Sanders. An Iron Warriors captain, still loyal to the Emperor, lures his erstwhile legion into besieging his fiendishly designed stronghold in an effort to delay the advance of the rebel forces. A tense and bleak story of a siege where the seemigly inevitable death of the small garrison of loyalist space marines is well built up. I really enjoyed the character of the garrison's grizzled leader." BilltheBloody - Goodreads

"The Iron Within by Rob Sanders 10/10 a masterpiece! one of the best battles so far in the series." Jon - Black Library Product Review

"Give Rob Sanders a HH novel. The Iron Within is an amazing short story. Best of story in the book by far." Nickolas - Black Library Product Review

"Rob Sanders did a fantastic job with Iron Within - by far my favourite." Matt -Black Library Product Review

"I have to say, from all that I have read on the Iron Warriors, the characters in this novel have to be the best. It tells you alot about the legion's obsession with siege-craft." Mohammed- Black Library Product Review

"I was very pleasantly surprised by the new story by Rob Sanders, a really gripping tale and gave a slightly new spin on the HH. Great stuff." Richard- Black Library Product Review

"The Iron Within (Rob Sanders) 5/5 Love it! Iron Warriors Loyal vs Iron Warriors (Traitor) damm, this was a great book." Army of the Week

Okay, this is sounding a little like an ego trip so let's muddy the waters with a response from someone who didn't like The Iron Within as much. This is Andrej - Black Library Product Review.

"I don't understand how anyone can enjoy Iron Within. It paints every non-loyalist Iron Warrior as an unskilled idiot. While the loyal Warsmith is prepared for every contingency, the traitors are apparently unprepared for everything. They waste a ton of precious resources on a planet with no strategic importance. I'm also tired of 30th millennium sieges being treated as 17th century affairs."

Sorry Andrej. I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. : )

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