Trailer Time!

Starting to get used to this now. Trailers for my novels and novellas. Cool. This trailer is for the Horus Heresy anthology The Primarchs. My novella 'The Serpent Beneath' is contained within its hallowed covers. It deals with the Alpha Legion Primarchs Alpharius and Omegon. Appropriately, they don't feature on the front cover - a masterstroke by Horus Heresy artist Neil Roberts. The only time you should see an Alpha Legion Primarch is when you're on the floor, in a pool of your own blood, watching the back of their pack as they walk away. Enjoy the trailer, the art and the stirring music - then damn it why don't you enjoy yourself some more and preorder the anthology by clicking the cover on the side bar. As well as 'The Serpent Beneath' the anthology also contains novellas from my esteemed Black Library colleagues Graham McNeill, Nick Kyme and Gav Thorpe.

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