The Primarchs

I’m really happy to announce my inclusion in the Black Library anthology called The Primarchs. This is really exciting for me, since The Primarchs belongs to the New York Time Bestselling Horus Heresy series. My last contribution to the series was my short story The Iron Within. The Iron Within, as my first foray into the Heresy universe, was very well received and can be read either here as a short story ebook or as part of the Age of Darkness anthology. If listening is your thing then you can listen to The Iron Within here as an audio short, read by the excellent Jonathan Keeble. I really enjoyed the setting and the new possibilities that writing in the Horus Heresy era offered.

I share the pages of The Primarchs with three other great Black Library authors: Gav Thorpe, Nick Kyme and Graham McNeill. Each of these writers has announced their novellas – which you can check out on their blogs, the links to which are situated on the side bar. My novella is called The Serpent Beneath and focuses on the involvement of the twin primarchs Alpharius and Omegon in the unfolding Heresy. I have a real passion for the Alpha Legion and have enjoyed their entries in the series so far. I have written about the Legion in the 40K setting and particularly appreciate their modus operandi. The blurb for the anthology reads as follows:

“Created in the Emperor’s own image, the primarchs had long thought themselves to be princes of the universe and masters of their own destiny – they led the Space Marine Legions in glorious conquest of the galaxy, and no enemy of the Imperium could stand against them. However, even amongst this legendary brotherhood, the seeds of dissent had been sown long before the treacherous Warmaster Horus declared his grand heresy. Gathered within this anthology are four novellas focusing on some of the mightiest warriors and leaders that mankind has ever known – Fulgrim, Lion El’Johnson, Ferrus Manus and the twin primarchs Alpharius and Omegon – and the roles that they may have yet to play in a war which threatens to change the face of the Imperium forever.”

The Primarchs is available from June and can be bought directly from the Black Library website here but if you are attending the 'Black Library Live! 2012' Event in Nottingham on March 3rd then you will be able to pick up a copy a full three months early!


Jonathan Green said...

Congratulations! Cool gig!

fracas said...

most excellent

one of my favorite Black Library author one my favorite chaos marines


Cheers, Jonathan. We should catch up. How was the SFX weekender?


Thanks, fracas.

That means a lot to me. I'll keep working hard and hopefully ( ;) ) I'll live up to expectations. Cheers, mate.