Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

I had a strange conversation on the way home. One of my sons had seen a post-apocalyptic children’s programme where all the adults in the world had disappeared. This led into a conversation in which he asked me what he should do in the event of some kind of apocalyptic event, if he were similarly left on his own. Before I knew it we had been talking for some time on the subject of where best to head, preferred modes of transport, avoiding mobs of survivors, what to do about water, where to find food while everyone else is rioting in the supermarket aisles etc. It was an interesting conversation. His questions were serious and my answers – after some initial light-heartedness – were increasingly serious also. This reminded me of an article I had read about the Centre for Disease Control issuing advice regarding what to do in a Zombie Apocalypse. I’d initially thought that it was a joke. Apparently not. There is indeed a page on the CDC website devoted to this subject. So, if you are worried about what to do during a Zombie Apocalypse (I don’t mean selecting a baseball bat over a chainsaw or the 357. Magnum over the pump-action) and need a plan, you could do a lot worse than taking the advice of Rear Admiral Ali S. Khan, MD and Assistant Surgeon General, who leads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR). He’s thought it through and you should too!

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Dan Sharp said...

Even if zombie films have taught us nothing else, they have at least managed to establish that organisations like the CDC always start out trying to cure the infection but end up becoming infected themselves or having all their staff die outside their facility or actually being the cause of the outbreak in the first place. No, I'd place my faith in, oh, I don't know, a big corporation. Possibly one with some sort of white-and-red dryness aid as its logo. Those are the guys who really know what they're doing. Baseball bat over chainsaw, yes, .357 magnum over pump-action, no. Chainsaw = too unwieldy. .357 Magnum ammo way to scarce in Lincolnshire, whereas we have the highest per head of population shotgun ownership in the country. Boo-ya!