Atlas Infernal... at-last

I was doing so well...

I blame this one on my day job. Exam / coursework season just blitzed me. I am intensely jealous of some my Black Library colleagues, who only have to worry about hitting their own deadlines. I have to worry about my own and a couple of hundred students as well. Oh well, exam season is over but at the time I simply couldn’t keep the plates respectively called ‘full time job’, ‘Legion of the Damned' and ‘blogging’ all spinning at the same time. Unfortunately one had to take a back seat (more like it had to be gagged, tranquilized and dumped unconscious in the boot) and that one was the blog. I also have an apology to make over at The Black Library Bolthole, where my questions have been piling up unanswered.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back. I’d like to kick off with my second novel, Atlas Infernal - that was released while I was off air and has been getting some great feedback. If you haven’t checked it out yet, can I encourage you to do one of four things: you could read an extract from the novel here; you could read a review of Atlas Infernal from the good people at The Founding Fields here; you could read a second review of Atlas Infernal from more good people at The Founding Fields here; or you could click on the link opposite and buy the novel in its entirety (rather than simply teasing yourself with extracts and reviews). That’s enough about Atlas Infernal now: lots more on it later.

I intend to get back to the kind of blogging regularity I enjoyed earlier in the year – but don’t hold me to it. : ) Thanks for the kind comments in my absence.


Duke_Leto said...

Rob - really looking forward to reading Atlas Infernal as I loved Redemption Corps. Have to say I would rather you spend your time writing novels and shorts as opposed to blogging!!!


Ha, ha! Fair point, but writers can't afford to be dressing-gown-wearing recluses anymore. We have to be out there in the world, promoting our wares, even if it is in the world-wide-web!