Trailers That Are Better Than The Films They Preview 1

Trailers are a kind of an art form. Editors in the film industry no doubt feel this way. After all, the trailer's job is to get the audience excited about the film in the first instance. Sometimes a film trailer can be considered better than the film itself. When I watch trailers for films and television series, I become excited about the prospect of the product's outcome. Often they are simply not as good as we might expect. On occasion the trailer has so much going for it that you come to consider where the director could have gone wrong. The trailer makers cannot really be accused of misrepresenting the film since they are only working with material from the product. If anything, the director needs to sit down with both film and trailer and think on whether or not her/his film actually does the promise of the trailer justice.

A good example of this is the teaser trailer for the Bryan Singer film Superman Returns. I don't particularly rate the director, I'm not a huge Superman fan and the film is now considered disappointing enough to warrent a re-boot. The trailer promises a great deal in terms of tone and expectation. A quality that the film never achieves. It's hard to comprehend how this came to be. The trailer could be previewing an entirely different film. Perhaps the re-booters of the franchise are looking at the trailer and are wondering what went wrong themselves, before they fully commit to a vision of their own. See what you think.

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