Most Wanted: 40k Bad Guys


The short story Cold Light of Day


Bad guys are important. How can your heroes lift the heart or inspire the reader with their triumphs if their antagonists and opponents are a disappointment? Where is the dramatic tension? Conversely, bad guys can be extremely fun to write for - the author delighting in the opportunity to convincingly flesh out the monster behind the mask. Background can be interesting and models can serve as avatars on the table top but it is in fiction that bad guys truly come to life. Here are ten bad guys and their realisation in my fiction. The 40K 'Most Wanted' playing cards give you some indication of their perceived threat to the 40k universe. See if you agree.

Antagonist: Chaos Space Marines
As seen in: the novel Legion of the Damned

Antagonist: Renegade Space Marines
As seen in: the short story Bring the Night

Antagonist: Chaos Daemons
As seen in: the short story A Deeper Darkness

Antagonist: Eldar
As seen in: the novel Atlas Infernal

Antagonist: Orks
As seen in: the novel Redemption Corps

Antagonists: Necrons
As seen in: the short story Spirit War

Antagonists: Genestealers
As seen in: the short story Necessary Evil

Antagonists: Dark Eldar
As seen in: the short story Shadow Play

Antagonists: Heretics
As seen in: Army of One

Antagonist: Tyranids
As seen in: the audio drama The Path Forsaken


' "You'll find vermin in every ship's hold from here to Tobaro," Charnoslav informed her. "The warpstone must have changed them. They grew, and they grew hungry." '
-Cold Light of Day

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