The Horus Heresy novella The Serpent Beneath


I will be at the Horus Heresy Weekender this weekend – Saturday 17th May and Sunday 18th May – and am looking forward to the usual great mix of seminars, signings, evening entertainment and, of course, meeting the wonderful attendees. It promises to be a great event. My schedule for the event is as follows:

Saturday 17th May

11.45am-12.45pm – The Throne Room
‘Seditions Gate’ Seminar – I have a story in the anthology and will be discussing it here.

1.45pm-2.45pm – Hall of Scriveners
4.15pm-5.10pm – Hall of Scriveners
Signing – Very happy to sign copies of Seditions Gate and copies of my novels and anthologies

5.30pm-6.30pm – The Throne Room
‘Meet the Creators’ Seminar – An open seminar session for questions and hopefully answers!

I will also be around during the day and attending the evening entertainment for a chat.

Sunday 18th May

12.30pm-1.30pm – The Throne Room
‘After Istvaan’ Seminar – A discussion on What is next for the legions that emerged from the Dropsite Massacre?

2.30pm-3.15pm – The Hall of Scriveners
Signing – Very happy to sign copies of Seditions Gate and copies of my novels and anthologies

I will also be around during the day for a chat.

See you there!

In celebration of all things Horus Heresy – for both attendees and those blog visitors (remember that you can join me on Facebook and / or Twitter on the side bar on the right) – I have created a ‘Which Traitor Primarch Are You?’ test for you. Simply answer the questions below, tot up your score and discover which of the nine traitor primarchs you are. Good luck!

1.) What is your favourite colour?

Black, always black. SCORE 8 POINTS


Whatever fashion dictates. SCORE 4 POINTS


Colours undreamed of. SCORE 2 POINTS

A god-pleasing gold. SCORE 1 POINT

Yellow… Black… Yellow… Black… Perhaps something in a stripe. SCORE 6 POINTS

Who cares for what you can’t see? SCORE 7 POINTS

Your true colours. SCORE 3 POINTS

2.) What was your early life like?

A toxic combination of cruelty and injustice. SCORE 5 POINTS

A nightmarish existence of shadow and survival. SCORE 7 POINTS

Enlightening. SCORE 2 POINTS

Violent and treacherous – gang loyalty was everything. SCORE 8 POINTS


Uptight and untrusting. SCORE 6 POINTS

Brutal – I sold my skills short for the amusement of others. SCORE 9 POINTS

Satisfying – I brought my world back from the brink. SCORE 4 POINTS

The less said about that the better. SCORE 3 POINTS

3.) What would be your weapon of choice?

Poisonous gas. SCORE 5 POINTS


Whatever does the job. SCORE 9 POINTS

The dread of mine enemy. SCORE 7 POINTS

My brother primarchs. SCORE 8 POINTS

Knowledge. SCORE 2 POINTS

A fine blade. SCORE 4 POINTS

A hammer – both tool and weapon of choice. SCORE 6 POINTS

I couldn’t possibly select just one. SCORE 3 POINTS

4.) What is the most important quality in a legionary son?

The will to endure. SCORE 5 POINTS

Excessive force. SCORE 7 POINTS

Pride in their accomplishments. SCORE 4 POINTS

A total disregard for their own or their enemy’s safety. SCORE 9 POINTS

Confidence. SCORE 8 POINTS

Extensive preparation. SCORE 3 POINTS

An open mind. SCORE 2 POINTS

A dedication to something more than himself. SCORE 1 POINT

To yield not. SCORE 6 POINTS

5) You are issued with a master-crafted bolt gun. What do you do with it?

You have little need for it, having greater destructive powers at your disposal. SCORE 2 POINTS

Secure a tactically weak approach to your position with it. SCORE 6 POINTS

Look on it with disdain – you could have crafted better. SCORE 4 POINTS

Wing an enemy with it – you need them alive. SCORE 3 POINTS

Consecrate it. SCORE 1 POINT

Execute an innocent with extreme prejudice. SCORE 7 POINTS

Lay down suppressive fire before an indomitable advance. SCORE 5 POINTS

Make a gift of it to a valued brother. SCORE 8 POINTS

Bludgeon an enemy to death with it. SCORE 9 POINTS

6.) The Dark Mechanicus deliver a warship to be used by your legion. What do you call it?


The Dawnstalker. SCORE 7 POINTS

The Unbreakable. SCORE 6 POINTS

The Infidius. SCORE 1 POINT

The Sektep. SCORE 2 POINTS

The Quietus. SCORE 5 POINTS

The Rapture. SCORE 4 POINTS

The Merciless. SCORE 9 POINTS

The Magna Tyrannis. SCORE 8 POINTS

7.) Early in your relationship, Roboute Guilliman insults you. What do you do?

Promise him Death… SCORE 5 POINTS

Punish his sons for their father’s transgression. SCORE 1 POINTS

Challenge him to a duel. SCORE 4 POINTS

Scold his soul with the power of the warp. SCORE 2 POINTS

Lose it - right there and then. SCORE 7 POINTS

Bide your time - Guilliman will learn of your worth when he least expects it. SCORE 3 POINTS

Grow increasingly cold and bitter towards your brother. SCORE 6 POINTS

Nothing. You are above such trifles. SCORE 8 POINTS

Feed him his own entrails. SCORE 9 POINTS

8.) What is your opinion of the Emperor?

He is a liar. SCORE 1 POINT

I never really knew him. SCORE 3 POINTS

He is a tyrant - like other tyrants, intoxicated with his own power. SCORE 5 POINTS

The glories of his empire will be surpassed. SCORE 4 POINTS

He is unworthy. SCORE 8 POINTS

He’s a fool - fortifying Terra should have been my honour. SCORE 6 POINTS

He will pay for his betrayal in blood. SCORE 9 POINTS

My darkness is beyond his light. SCORE 7 POINTS

He is misguided. SCORE 2 POINTS

9.) How would you attack Terra?

I would slaughter my father’s defenders to the last man. SCORE 9 POINTS

With durability – in the end only one side will emerge the victor. 5 POINTS

In the company of daemons. SCORE 1 POINT

Primarchs’ eyes only. SCORE 3 POINTS

With ease – Dorn’s defences are no match for my skill. SCORE 6 POINTS

The Terrans would come to know the true meaning of terror. SCORE 7 POINTS

By unleashing the depravities of my sons on the population. SCORE 4 POINTS

With all the knowledge and power at my disposal. SCORE 2 POINTS

With numerous allies. SCORE 8 POINTS

10.) Use one word to describe yourself.

Unrivalled. SCORE 4 POINTS

Volatile. SCORE 7 POINTS


Powerful. SCORE 2 POINTS


Unknowable. SCORE 3 POINTS


Faithful. SCORE 1 POINT

Indomitable. SCORE 5 POINTS

Now add up your score and click on the appropriate link below to find out which traitor primarch you are.

10-16 POINTS

17-25 POINTS

26-35 POINTS

36-45 POINTS

46-55 POINTS

56-64 POINTS

65-74 POINTS

75-83 POINTS

84-90 POINTS

For more fun and games from Rob Sanders Speculative Fiction CLICK HERE


' “There seems little point in introductions,” Omegon said. “We all know who we are.”
Auguramus seemed vaguely amused.
“I thought you all called yourselves ‘Alpharius’,”he said, his microvox held to his throat.
“Times change,” Omegon replied coldly. '

The Serpent Beneath

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