Nexus 6 (20-7-12)

What have I been reading on the internet this week? Time to check out my Nexus 6…

1. Top 10 Most Terrifying Werewolves

I love horror monsters: vampires, ghosts, zombies. Vampires are suffering from over-exposure (ha ha) at the moment and I have a particular soft spot for zombies, but I’ve always been fascinated by werewolves. I used to enjoy reading about them as a kid and still have books about historical attacks that were blamed on werewolves and the birth of the original legend. This is why I soon zeroed in on this article from NerdBastards ranking the top ten most terrifying werewolves. See if you agree here.

2. Geek Zodiac

I’m not into zodiac signs or astrology but this did grab my attention. The Geek Zodiac have created their own signs, dates and characteristics based upon the year you were born – just like the Chinese Zodiac (Year of the Rabbit, Year of the Tiger etc.) I felt compelled to find my sign: perhaps you will be too… Check it out here.

3. This Is Humanity’s Greatest Achievement, But Mainstream News Will Never Report It

Giant Freakin Robot this time, reminding us of one of humanity’s most incredible achievements and a significant barrier about to be broken – but no-one’s talking about it. I think that it’s kind of romantic and sad at the same time. I can’t help but feel sorry for it out there all alone and running out of power. What am I talking about: click here to find out.

4. Games Day

It’s coming around to that time of year again: Games Day – Games Workshop’s annual tournament-fest. There’s much more than just thousands of people bringing it on the table top. Every Games Day artists and hobbyists compete for one of the prized Golden Demon painting trophies. Readers queue to buy the latest Black Library releases and take the opportunity to get their books signed by Black Library authors who are usually in plentiful supply. Check out the Games Day preview articles here and here.

5. The Day

I’m always on the lookout for cool, new science fiction cinema releases. I came across the trailer for The Day - a Canadian, post-apocalyptic horror movies. More The Road or The Walking Dead than Mad Max, it might be worth a look.

6. ‘Can I see some identification?’

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