Necessary Evil

I'm really happy to announce that my Inquisitor Czevak short story Necessary Evil is to be re-released in Hammer and Bolter, Black Library's monthly fiction magazine. Necessary Evil was originally released as a Limited Edition short, which was great but meant that many readers of Inquisitor's Czevak's adventures in Atlas Infernal could not read it until now. It can be found in next month's issue of the magazine: Hammer and Bolter #23.

Here's the blurb:

"Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak - scholar, adventurer, fugitive. Since fleeing the fabled Black Library of the eldar with the Atlas Infernal, he has been hunted by xenos, heretic and sorcerer just as he once hunted them.

Guided and protected by this ancient tome bound in human skin, he has now found his way to the daemon world of Nereus in search of a powerful Chaos artefact. With Ahriman and the Thousand Sons racing to claim it for themselves, Czevak must scour the colony of Perdition's Landing if he is to outwit his old enemies... but might this bedraggled outpost hide an even darker secret of its own?"

The great thing about Necessary Evil is that is that it can serve the needs of different readers. If you have already read Atlas Infernal, then the story serves as a standalone adventure - following Bronislaw Czevak into some of the darkest and most dangerous corners of the universe. If you haven't read Atlas Infernal than it serves as a nice introduction to the character.

Hammer and Bolter is out next month and can be pre-ordered here. I share the covers with Black Library veterans Graham McNeill and Dan Abnett, kick-ass ladies Nik Vincent and Sarah Cawkwell and new blood(and newlywed) Graeme Lyon.

Can't wait? Easy. Buy Atlas Infernal today. Click here for print version and here for eBook.


Sigil said...

Yay! Been hoping this was going to happen.

Neil said...

Rob, you're just going to have to supply me with your work for free in future. If I keep spending money on these books of yours I'll need to get a second job!

(worth a try....)


And if I get into the habit of giving away free books, I'll need to get a second job. Hang on - I already have one! : )