SFX Magazine Interview

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for SFX magazine recently. SFX boasts an impressive readership(myself among the number) and is regarded as "the world's number one science fiction and fantasy magazine". The interview can be found on p96 and 97 of Issue 225. The issue went on sale yesterday. Click here to check out what else is in the issue. I'm particularly impressed that my name is included in the same sentence as Ray Bradbury's!

I was thrilled at the opportunity and a big thanks goes out to Guy Haley for making it possible. His site Haley's Comment can be found on the side bar and is well worth a perusal. If you have this month's SFX, then check out the interview. If you haven't - it's still waiting for you at the newsagents! In the meantime, you can check out other interviews I've done here.


Jonathan Green said...


I'm in this month's issue too - I wrote the Book Club piece about The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. ;-)

Bellarius said...

Congratulations to you, I've not bothered with SFX for a while due to bad editing and fact checking but I might pick this one up if it's got some good interviews.

I hope this promotion helps you get more attention in Black Library sales.

Anonymous said...

Have you disappeared off the face of the earth mr sanders? Or are we just enjoying an extended school holiday? ;)