It is still another month before my novel Legion of the Damned is released in paperback. I was fortunate enough to get an early release for the ebook version of the novel and have been enjoying some early reviews. This is one that particularly stood out - and not only the rating (a personal best, for me!) Shadowhawk writes for the veteran reviewing site The Founding Fields, where many a Warhammer 40K novel review can be found, as well as his own site Sons of Corax. As I’ve said in the past on the blog, I particularly enjoy thoughtful reviews in which the reviewer demonstrates their emotional and intellectual connection with the text. I get this in spades in Shadowhawk’s review of Legion of the Damned. I'd like to say thank you for the time and effort he put into both reading the novel and writing the review. Check out the review here:

Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders – Book Review [Shadowhawk] The Founding Fields


Troglodytes'r'us said...

Congratulations Rob, a very good score and not one I imagine many, more established even than yourself, black library authors get.
For me this has rocketed up my list of books to look forward to, will be nice to read a novel with a fully characterised space marine character, and not one that is pure confidence and perfection.

PS: Going out to buy redemption corp next week :)


Hi Troglodytes'r'us,
Thanks for your kind words. I hope that Legion of the Damned delivers what you need. Certainly, Zachariah Kersh (from LotD) is not pure confidence and perfection! Hope you enjoy Redemption Corps too. : )