Civilian Reader Interview

A new year. What better way to start it than with an in-depth interview?

The Science Fiction and Fantasy genre is growing. It has produced its fair share of classics and has always enjoyed a robust core following. It also maintains a popular presence in the imagination of gamers and cinema lovers. The internet has provided a further springboard for the genre's interests, with a myriad of blogs, forums and websites devoted to championing speculative fiction.

Among these, Civilian Reader has emerged an important voice. I have long enjoyed Stefan Fergus' perspectives and feel that he has a real love for the genre. I find him to be thoughtful both in his reviews and also about the process of reviewing. You can imagine that I was thrilled when he contacted me, asking if I'd like to do an interview for Civilian Reader.

I encourage you to check out the interview here - in which I have a good deal to say on a range of subjects. I also encourage you to regularly check in with Civilian Reader and enjoy Stefan's views and recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Nice interview.
Wish you all the best with transferring to full time writing and I don't just say that with an interest in simply getting more of your novels to read, honest... ;)


Thanks for the best wishes. : ) I'll try my best!