I’m currently writing my second book for Black Library and recently got to thinking about the creative process. Many readers of speculative fiction find the creative processes of writers interesting – as evidenced in the success of events like BL Live and Games Day. If the creative content of the BL forum over the years is anything to go by, many of those readers wrangle with those creative processes themselves in their own fiction. With the return of the Black Library website and fresh submission guidelines, this interest and enthusiasm is due to for a resurgence. Beyond being a novelist, my background lies in literature and I’ve always been passionate about books and the ‘creative’ forces that ‘create’ them – literally something from nothing. I’ve considered doing many things with this blog, beyond helping to advertise my work. One thing I would really like to do is share this passion and explore this world in a little more detail. Here goes.

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Sounds interesting, I'll be watching