The short story HYPERION in AFTER THE FALL.


Just a reminder that I will be attending the 'After the Fall' Book Launch at the Derby Film Festival on Thursday 15th May at 7pm. I will be doing a reading, there should be some discussion and I’ll be very happy to sign copies of ‘After the Fall’. My short story 'Hyperion' features in the anthology, set in a future after the failure of technology. ‘After the Fall’ will be available to buy at the event and pre-orders are available from Boo Books now. Check it out HERE.

After the Fall
Technology has changed the world around us over the last century, and promises even more great things for the future. But what does that future look like without the marvels of the machine age? After the fall of technology, what lies ahead for humanity?

Featuring a new story from Adam Roberts, plus tales from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Caren Gussoff, Amelia Mangan, Stephen Palmer, Rob Sanders and many more.

You can find out more about Book Books HERE.

The Derby Film Festival is in full swing, featuring film screenings, previews and discussions with fantastic actors like John Hurt and Phil Daniels. Following the ‘After the Fall’ launch event is a screening of George Miller’s ‘The Road Warrior’. For the full schedule of events click HERE.

I look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, why don’t you have a go at my Quizpocalypse below and see if popular culture has fully equipped you for the end of the world.

Section 1: Literature

What post-apocalyptic novel won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction?

A) The Passage
B) The Bridge
C) The Crossing
D) The Road

In the comic book series The Walking Dead, where is Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes from?

A) Nebraska
B) Georgia
C) Alabama
D) Kentucky

What is the name of the apocalyptic 1954 horror fiction novel by Richard Matheson in which Dr. Robert Neville battles a pandemic of vampirism in Los Angeles?

A) I am Legend
B) The Last Man on Earth
C) I am Omega
D) The Omega Man

In the apocalyptic horror novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War what nationality is the pandemic’s ‘Patient Zero’?

A) South African
B) Chinese
C) Palestinian
D) North Korean

The novel The Last Man is considered to be the first work of modern apocalyptic fiction, published in 1826. Which author wrote The Last Man?

A) HG Wells
B) Mary Shelley
C) Jules Verne
D) Edgar Allan Poe

Section 2: Gaming

In the survival horror video game The Last of Us, what is responsible for the cannibalistic symptoms that ravage the population of the U.S. ?

A) A virus
B) A fungus
C) A parasite
D) A neurotoxin

In the video game Fallout 3, what is the name of the armoured, quasi-religious organization operating across the ruins of post-war North America?

A) The Sentinels
B) The Iron Guard
C) The Catapharacts
D) The Brotherhood of Steel

Which of the following is not a playable character in the apocalyptic zombie game Left 4 Dead?

A) Francis - a biker
B) Vicky – a paramedic
C) Louis - an IT analyst
D) Bill – a Vietnam veteran

In the post-apocalyptic video game Rage, what is responsible for decimating the Earth?

A) An asteroid
B) An extra-terrestrial virus
C) A comet
D) A mutant strain of flu

What iconic video game simulates nuclear war between the United States and Russia and addresses the player “Greetings Professor Falken… Shall we play a game?”

A) WarGames
B) Missile Command
C) End of Earth
D) Ground Zero

Section 3: Cinema

What post-apocalyptic film was originally inspired by the 1962 French film La Jetee?

A) The Matrix
B) Zardoz
C) Night of the Comet
D) 12 Monkeys

At what age are denizens of the domed city executed in the film Logan’s Run?

A) 31
B) 35
C) 30
D) 29

Who or what is hunting the survivors in the 2011 film The Day?

A) Cannibals
B) Vampires
C) Zombies
D) Mutants

Which of the following is a catchphrase spoken by the T800 - Model 101 Terminator?

A) “You’re terminated, fucker”
B) “There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.”
C) “Have you seen this boy?”
D) “Come with me if you want to live”

What is the tanker driven by Max Rockatansky carrying in The Road Warrior?

A) Petrol
B) Water
C) Sand
D) Nitro-glycerine

Click HERE for the answers and your rating.


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Hyperion in After the Fall.

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