Have You Seen This Man?



First off, an apology. It’s not nice when something just stops. A film. A relationship. A life support machine. I haven’t updated this blog in over a year. The year before that made I regular appearances here. The reasons for my absence are largely interrelated. There is no one thing that’s kept me away. I changed from being a teacher and author to a full time author. While this is fantastic, it meant a lot of extra hard work to ensure that my students and my department were left in a good place. At the same time I planned to move websites. I still intend to do this at some point but my neglect of this site was a little premature. The main reason I have been away, however, is simply hard work. I’ve been working on a plethora of short stories, audio dramas, novellas and novels – some that are out, some that are just coming out and some that are as yet to be released. I’ve also been hard at work creating new writing opportunities in new formats, which I look forward to telling you about.

Like a sequel that comes to be regarded as better than the original (I’m thinking The Empire Strikes Back or Aliens here), the blog has returned. My aim is to work as hard, or even harder, than I have been doing on my creative ventures but also to maintain a healthy commitment to the blog. To begin that I’ve given it a much needed streamline and overhaul, embracing clean whites and blues over the rather sombre black and orange theme I had going on before. It contains all the great material of its first incarnation – some highlights of which you’ll find still trending on the side bar list in my absence. Fairly swiftly I’ll be adding to it with news of new releases, long-standing questions answered (a special sorry to the faithful of the ‘Ask the Author’ section), reviews and features. I might also be able to make better use of social media than I have done in the past but no promises. Crawl. Walk. Run.

Finally, welcome back to friendly and familiar faces and a big hello to fresh ones. If you feel so inclined, I encourage you to follow me, my work and the blog in a number of ways. You can join this site on the right hand bar. You can Like my author Facebook page above on the right. You can follow my Twitter feed, also up on the right hand bar. Hell, do all three. Also, feel free to ask questions (as long as it's not the one about where babies come from) and comment on the blog itself. On the left hand bar I've placed my list of sites and blogs deserving of attention. These are sites maintained by readers who have usually found their way there by attracting my attention with reviews and interviews. If, on the other hand, you would like to add my blog to your own list - as many have - that would be cool too. So, let's begin...


'What must I do beyond the ease of killing, to get the attention of these daemon deities? These dogs of damnation?'
Archaon: Everchosen


Maestitia Melhkiarem said...

Like the Phoenix you rise again and hell yeah I'm glad to see this.
Your recent creation like Archaon or the Alpha Legion are just amazing.
I look forward for your next works. Excoriators may be?


Hi Maestitia,

Thanks for your kind words. I'll keep trying hard to impress you. I'm working on the second Archaon book now and have finished some more Alpha legion stuff recently. As for the Excoriators, I'd love to go back to them. : )

Thanks once again for reading.

Cheers, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. Archaon looks wicked.


Imagined Realms said...

Was wondering where you'd disappeared to - welcome back!