Black Library Weekender Aftermath

Well, what a fantastic weekend. I can honestly say that I had a brilliant time. A+ for Black Library. The venue was great and the Black Library crew, under the steely-eyed leadership of Captain George Mann, pulled off a peerless event. Thanks to all who worked so hard and those brave souls who attended. It was great seeing you all. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you, the signings, the impromptu signings, the Question and Answer sessions and the Seminars. It was brilliant to spend time with fans in the evening and to experience / partake in the entertainment. I thought that the Pitch Factor event was a particular success. Kudos to all those with the stones to step up on that stage and pitch to veteran editors Laurie Goulding,Graeme Lyon and my good self. Not easy at all. Congratulations to Alex: she was a worthy winner.

It was also great to spend time with all the Black Library authors and artists. That's a lot of talent in one location. There are too many to namecheck individually, although I'd like to think that I got to catch up and spend some quality time with all of them. Special shout outs do go to Neil Roberts and Jonathan Green, however. Neil and I travelled down together, while at the same time putting the world to rights. He's Black Library's Horus Heresy artist and illustrator: his upcoming graphic novel 'Macragge's Honour' is going to be something special indeed. Check it out here. I spent late Saturday night and the small hours of Sunday morning looking through the bottom of a pint glass at Jonathan Green - a one man ideas-factory. More like one man military-industrial ideas complex. Jonathan - it's always a pleasure. Check out his brilliant Pax Britannia series here.

Mostly, I just want to say thank you to all the people buying and reading my books. That's what it's all about - after all! Can't wait until the next event. In the meantime, it's been straight back to the keyboard and the classroom.


Jonathan Green said...

A 'one man military-industrial ideas complex'.

I like that. That's going on the blog. ;-)

And, as always, a pleasure to see your good self too. Next time I'm up in Lincoln, I'll give you a bell.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, I enjoyed your commentary:)

BTW,Legion of the Damned is a registered trademark.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email at:




Hi Bill,

Cheers for that. That's kind. Ultimately, the Legion of the Damned have been an established part of the universe IP for a long time. They're well loved by readers and enthusiasts. I think people liked the idea of having a book depict the phenomenon.