I'm a New York Times Bestseller!

Good news everyone!

I'm absolutely made up to announce that my most recent fiction is a New York Times Bestseller. My latest release is the Horus Heresy series anthology The Primarchs in which my novella The Serpent Beneath features. The Primarchs shot in at Number 29 this week on the Paperback Mass Market Fiction chart.

I'm thrilled to share the pages with Black Library luminaries Graham McNeill, Nick Kyme and Gav Thorpe but there are a few people I should thank. Try to imagine me in a tux in front of a podium. First off, I should thank Christian Dunn - veteran Black Library editor and author - for giving me the opportunity to appear in his brilliant anthology and allowing me to write about two of my favourite Primarchs. Cheers, Christian! I would also like to say a big thank you to the legion of Black Library and Games Workshop staff on both sides of the Atlantic who work hard to make sure Black Library books get noticed and appreciated. Huge respect. Finally I'd like to say a colossal thanks to my Submissions Editor at Black Library - Laurie Goulding. Laurie's my editorial point man - scouting out opportunities, both creative and technical and his are the first pair of eyes to see my work. It was great working with him on The Serpent Beneath and I look forward to more of our adventures.

Well, I'm going off to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who read The Primarchs . I hope you enjoyed The Serpent Beneath. If you haven't checked it out yet, then let me cheekily point you to the side-bar upon which you will find a link and a book trailer.

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