Want To Play?: Imperial Navy Identification

It's time to return to a recent, popular feature on the blog: Want To Play? Today I'm asking you to put your skills of vessel identification to the test. Each of the ships displayed below are taken from my Inquisitor Czevak novel Atlas Infernal. Czevak's adventures in Atlas Infernal take place across a colossal expanse of Imperial space and the damned region that is the Eye of Terror. As well as blistering action and intrigue on a myriad of twisted worlds, Atlas Infernal also contains a wealth of ship-to-ship naval action. Each of the vessels identified below feature in the novel. See if you can match the names to the pictorial representations given. Click for a closer look. Good luck. Answers up tomorrow!



Maestitia said...

4 A
5 G
7 C

I know that the B it's a class Armageddon but I don't know the name :X

For the others I'vs no f***** idea ><é

Ed Fortune said...

Confused by the battle barge having an Aquilla on it, so let's assume that's right and go with this:


Luke Vandenberg said...

A 4
B 2
C 1
D 3
E 6
F 7
G 5