Nexus 6 (28-6-12)

It’s time for more great genre-related stuff from the digital morass that is the internet. Is it research or procrastination when I stop to read science fiction related articles on the web: probably both – but there’s some great stuff out there and I love it when people draw my attention to interesting features and geek ephemera. This is what I’ve been reading this week.

1. Philip K. Dick’s Technological Predictions

The BBC ran an interesting article examining the different future technologies presented in the fiction of science fiction author Philip K Dick and cinematic adaptations of his work (think the flying cars from Bladerunner or the iris recognition systems in Minority Report). It examines which of these technological predictions have been fulfilled. Find out more here.

2. Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

National Public Radio asked thousands and thousands of listeners to vote for their top 100 science fiction and fantasy books and helpfully compiled a ranked list for the rest of us. The list can be found here and makes for interesting reading (ha, ha). Not content to leave it at that, SF Signal went two steps further. For your viewing pleasure they created a flow chart of the novels on the list to help readers find the books that appeal to them (it’s impressive, and can be found here) and then created an interactive version of the resource. Click here to check out the interactive gizmo.

3. Missing Misfit

I really didn’t think I’d like Misfits – and then I watched it. Sure – it was a little rough around the edges but it was fresh and adventurous and I really got into series one. The departure of some key characters in series two threatened to derail the series but ultimately the replacement characters the creators brought in did a good job of filling the gap. Now we learn that even more key characters have had to leave for series 3. Unfortunately it’s starting to sound like a promising science fiction series is falling apart before our screens – which is a shame. This time it’s Lauren Socha – who plays Kelly: the insensitive chav who could read minds and in the second series went on to inherit the genius of a rocket scientist. Kelly as a character was criminally underused in the second season and her power was a non-starter. The writers won’t get the opportunity to rescue this, however, because BAFTA winning actress Lauren Socha was arrested for racially-aggravated assault and subsequently lost her place on the show. Irony of ironies – she was sentenced to community service, just like her character in the series. Both weird and sad for the show. Perhaps Socha should use her skills to act like a thuggish chav instead of actually being one. SFX online has the scoop and many more details here.

4. Dredd

Time to check out the latest science fiction cinema releases. This week it’s Dredd – the newest adaptation of 200AD’s Judge Dredd comic strip. The action certainly seems present and the visuals look promising – although perhaps Mega-City One doesn’t look futuristic enough. Dredd’s gurn and helmet are present and correct – and there doesn’t seem to be a comedy side-kick shoe-horned in (phew!) On the downside it seems a shame that with thirty years’ worth of comic book stories to choose from, that they opted for a science fiction version of The Raid: Redemption – a Korean film made last year.

5. VI

There’s always excitement when a new edition of the Warhammer 40k Rulebook is about to be released. It obviously involves a learning curve for gamers but 40k authors also have to familiarise themselves with such key hobby material. The 6th edition of the Warhammer 40k Rulebook will be released on 30th June. Check out more here.

6. Where's WALL-E?

Robots. What's not to like? Click on the meme and see if you can find him. Or should that be find 'it'?



Addendum: I'm reliably informed that Raid and Dredd were made at the same time - and that the Dreed story perhaps is based on an old 2000AD story. So that must mean that Raid copied Dredd instead!

Maestitia said...

2- The Foundation Trilogy by Asimov only 8th?
And the first SF novel in the world, Frankeinstein, the 20th place?
It's a little bit frustrating ><"

4- I don't knew for the news of Judge Dredd, you make my day!

5- I saw that there are some cards now for psyshics powers oO"
May be the next version will include tokens or coins...

6- Ah ah, Wall-E best lovely robots ever. I like also the droïd from Power Rangers ^^"


Yeah, Frankenstein surprised me too. Perhaps it's because people think of Frankenstein as a horror novel rather than what it actually is - one of the world's first pieces of science fiction. : )

Maestitia said...

Totally agree with you, Frankenstein is a masterpiece with an adventure, a journey and feelings, this Mary will stay forever the Mother of SF for me.