First Commands

This is a blog about Speculative Fiction: chiefly mine – and so I don’t tend to wander off topic very often. I have a range of interests and science fiction and fantasy is but one of them. I also don’t tend to use the blog very often for random musings on day-to-day happening or the meaning of life. Today is a little bit different because today was my last day in my old job. While still remaining a part-time teacher, today was the last day of being Head of English in a secondary school. It was a nice, quiet day and I had lots of time to reflect on my achievements and those that have worked so wonderfully about me. I must make a special mention of Tracy. I am fortunate enough to work with my wife. We are very close and as well as being a married couple, we are also parents to our children, best friends and colleagues working in the same school. I have been Head of Department for five years and have enjoyed a lot of success but I can honestly say that none of it would have been possible without her. I owe her everything.

This is all relevant to the blog in so much as a while back I made a very important decision to step back my commitments to teaching and throw myself into writing. I’m a very good teacher – even if I say so myself – but I have always wanted to be a writer. It is my dream job and I owe it as much of my time and energy and I can reasonably give.

I began this post by saying that this is a blog about Speculative Fiction. So, in honour of my final day, here are my Top 5 Science-Fiction captains who, at one time or another, bid farewell to their commands.

5. Commander David Bowman - Discovery One

4. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Serenity

3. The Doctor - The TARDIS

2. Captain Han Solo - The Millennium Falcon

1. Captain James T. Kirk - The USS Enterprise


The school I.T. guy :) said...

Don't forget the I.T. support! "Wouldn't have done it without the support of Tracy and of course the wonderful I.T. support" :) As i was reading this i thought for a moment you had resigned and kept it hush hush. Well, one chapter done of many, see what's written in the next chapter now...


There's a whole chapter devoted to you in my memoirs... : )