Valentine's Day 'Massacre'

It’s Valentine’s Day and while roses have been bought and romantic meals are being made, in fairness, my word association response to ‘Valentine’s Day’ is more likely to be ‘Massacre’ than ‘Saint’ or ‘Card’. Talk of massacres brings me back to Legion of the Damned, in which the Cholercaust Blood Crusade intends on putting every man, woman and child to the blade on the cemetery world of Certus Minor. Romantic. Red, at least, is the Blood God’s colour. Legion of the Damned has been getting some nice attention, particularly from the review site The Founding Fields, who have been kind enough to devote another review to the novel from another reviewer. This time, Lord of the Night is at the helm. I’d like to thank him for choosing the novel and taking the time to record his thoughts and reactions. I encourage you to check out his review below.

Legion of the Damned Review by Lord of the Night - The Founding Fields

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