Celebrations and Appellations

Happy Birthday, Warhammer! Indeed, Warhammer has reached the grand old age of 25 – which isn’t half bad for a gaming and fiction milieu. It can now legally drink, smoke, drive, impregnate another fantastical universe and marry without our consent (but hopefully not in that order). Past and present devotees are celebrating in different ways. Parent company Games Workshop, for example, held a huge party across its hobby centres – staging timed tabletop battles, painting competitions and releasing limited edition miniatures to mark the occasion.

Warhammer has brought me a great deal of entertainments and enjoyment – both as gamer and author – over those 25 years. I was fortunate enough to spend the celebrations at Warhammer World in Nottingham, where I was signing copies of Legion of the Damned and The Primarchs for eager readers. I was in good company. My Black Library colleagues Graham McNeill and Andy Smillie were also in attendance, signing copies of Iron Warriors: The Omnibus and Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology, respectively. The blogs of both authors can be found on the side bar.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who bought and brought books for me to sign. It was brilliant to meet you and chat. Particular highlights for me were an opportunity to sign my entire back catalogue - short stories, limited editions and all - and the opportunity to see fantastic miniature renditions of Bronislaw Czevak and his Inquisitorial retinue from Atlas Infernal, created by one of the competing gaming groups. (Guys – if you are reading this, the photo I took with my iphone is terrible and doesn’t do your work justice, so I won’t post it yet. If you can contact me through the blog and send me another, I’d really appreciate it, because I was seriously impressed!) I’d also like to say thank you to Eddie at GW for all the organising. Cheers!


GMort. said...

It's a shame I couldn't make it down to Nottingham today. Hopefully I'll be able to have a chat with you at the Black Library event next weekend.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the Czevak model!

ADisturbingCreation said...

Hi Rob! I hope Eddie passed on the photos I took of my Czevak model to you. I told him to.

If not, you have probably seen already but he put some of them up on the BL blog here:


It was great to see you and show off Czevak to you! I'm going to be making a new, and better model for Epiphani and Hessian, and Torquhil (I've a plan to model him injured and without one heart and one arm....) as well as of the Atlas itself! I'll get the photos to you somehow when I manage to make these!


Fantastic photos. Thank you so much for passing them on to Eddie. Such brilliant work! Totally looking forward to your future creations. 'Atlas Infernal' and I are honoured. : )