So Many Questions...

The Black Library Bolthole is an excellent forum where there is an Ask the Authors section, for asking Black Library authors questions about their novels. This is unusual in publishing, since most authors do not have the benefit of such close contact with readers, and in turn, readers can get questions off their chest in respect to existing or forthcoming novels. A win / win. Embarrassingly - for reasons I won’t bore you with – I have been neglecting my page on the Ask the Authors section and had amassed a large number of unanswered questions. Rather than dribble the answers in I decided to throw myself at the task of answering the questions and managed to address each in turn in one mammoth sitting. So, if you have asked a question lately, you will definitely find that it has been answered. If, on the other hand, you haven’t – don’t let that stop you. If you have any questions then I’d be happy to answer them. A link at the side of this page exists for your convenience.

Problem fixed!


GMort. said...

I'm having trouble finding the appropriate page. Any chance you could include a link?


No problem. Except, links seem to be a problem within a blog comment, so I shall provide the address instead. Alternatively just click the image of the sinister individual with the book to the right of this comment. : )