Electronic Shoeboxing #3

Some nice comments here about Atlas Infernal from a reviewer called Glitnir on Goodreads, which I promptly snipped from the interweb with my digital scissors. The cutting now finds a new home in my Electronic Shoebox.

"Four out of five stars. I really enjoyed this book-that's 2 in a row from recent BL publishing! The protagonist is both likeable and frustrating, and the travels through the Eye of Terror were wonderfully depicted. The brutality of Ahriman and the chaos realm were no less icy than the haunting footsteps of the Harlequins. There was some description of the Black Library, though I would've liked to seen more (simply because it's so mysterious and been shrouded in the 40k mythos for so long). The intricacy of the plot was also appealing, and the layout of the chapters (in theatrical format) was a nice touch. Sanders really produced a good work here."

Happy to oblige, Glitnir.

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