Trailers That Are Better Than The Films They Preview 2

This one came to mind straight away. This trailer for Terminator Salvation had everything going for it. The background music was an inspired choice and the clips chosen to advertise the film are all suggestive of something Terminator, but also something a little different. Throw in a Christian Bale monologue (not the one where he goes ballistic at Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut – but same film) and you have a movie that oozes everything that Terminator fans had been waiting for.

Once again, the same tone, grit and urgency never achieve realisation in the film. There are some good elements and some bad, but it seems to be the pacing that is out. Perhaps that is why the trailer is suggestive of a better film. It boils off the fat and presents a concentrated version of the feature. The film itself seems too leisurely – and not in a ‘soak up the gloom of the future’ used by James Cameron in the first of the franchise. Terminator Salvation could learn something from its own trailer. Take note McG.

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Anonymous said...

you should check out Battle Los Angeles. Easily one of the greatest trailers of the millenia and then such a travesty of a film it is almost sickening