The 'Age of Darkness' Approaches

The Horus Heresy anthology Age of Darkness just got its own book trailer, showcasing the various authors contained within its covers. I am one of those authors I am delighted to say, and not just because it is pleasure and a privilege to share pages with these fantastic guys. Age of Darkness is the latest release in the million-selling and New York Times Bestseller List charting Horus Heresy series. Something special indeed. The anthology contains the following stories by the following authors:

• 'Rules of Engagement' by Graham McNeill
• 'Liar's Due' by James Swallow
• 'Forgotten Sons' by Nick Kyme
• 'The Last Remembrancer' by John French
• 'Rebirth' by Chris Wraight
• 'The Face of Treachery' by Gav Thorpe
• 'Little Horus' by Dan Abnett
• 'The Iron Within' by Rob Sanders
• 'Savage Weapons' by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Age of Darkness is released in May but is already doing great business on Amazon and direct from Black Library. I am also thrilled about an extract from my story The Iron Within being used to advertise the anthology. The extract can be found here.

Check out the trailer. Thanks to the guys at Shroud Films for their technical and creative wizardry. Oh, and I get the prize for the most ‘erms’ in one sentence.


Anonymous said...

Iron Within was great, sir. Really enjoyed it. Nice to see a few things:
1) A legion so far not dealt with in detail so far in the heresy.
2) That that particular legion experienced a similar issue as with others (he said cryptically to avoid spoilers)

Very much looking forward to seeing some more stuff from you in the future.


Really glad you liked it Tim. Hope to keep you similarly entertained in the future! : )



Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of your work before, but I'm very excited to finally get some Iron Warriors Heresy love!