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"The first story of his I read was Cold Light of Day which appeared in Inferno! magazine #40 - and very good it was too." - Author Jonathan Green

"Legion of the Damned - Blood for the blood god !!! 5 Stars As another one of the space marine battles stories released it was nice to see that one of the less written about legions( Angrons sons) was part of the story.The story was well told with the main character The Scourge being someone you could get to like as he had to deal with hatred from his own brothers, other chapters, the enemy as well as his own personal daemons!!! Not to mention having to deal with pushy mortals as well !!! The pace of the story stopped you from getting bored and the were enough supporting characters to give a good round story. The apocathery being a sensible voice to balance the Scourge's emotional reactions and the squad whips adding abit of friction within the ranks of the 5th company. In future hope to see more of the World Eaters as they hack and slash their way through the Imperium of Man! Us worshippers of Khorne need to read about our hero's as well!!! " - ChainSwordSmile

"Legion of the Damned - Gripping! 5 Stars. Found this book utterly gripping. Could part foresee the plot but dammit I just had to find out how it went. Look forward to more takes of those Damned Legionnaires!" - IshyVishy

"Legion of the Damned - The world in question is another nice addition to the war hammer universe" - The Blowfish

"Distant Echoes of Old Night. 4 Stars. Great story. Well written and it's about Death Guard. Not enough books about them. Wish it was longer." - MagicInc.

"The Primarchs - A collection of decent short stories. 1 great (Alpha Legion at its twistiest). Worth a read." - Oncewerelaziers

"The Iron Within - Quite an interesting story about the difficult choice between loyalty Astartes Primarch and the Emperor. As a thriller - above all praise. As an extension of the history of the Iron Legion soldiers - sound." - Uhu

"The Iron Within - Iron Warriors - well-known masters of the siege, and their knowledge of this craft requires not only the Imperium, but the Warmaster Horus, in revolt against the Emperor. In this story, the first time it comes to the psychology and methods of warfare of the Legion, veterans who are faced with a choice: to protect against their own brothers to the Legion his mountain stronghold in a remote colony of the Imperium, or go against the decision of their Primarch Perturabo but remain loyal to the Emperor. 10/10" - Evengar

"The Iron Within - With Rob Sanders making his debut in the Horus Heresy series, The Iron Within tells the tale of the Siege of Lesser Damantyne, one of many IV Legion strongholds scattered throughout the galaxy. The primary difference being however, this one remains loyal to the Emperor. Warsmith Barabas Dantioch is lord of the Iron Warriors garrison on Lesser Damantyne, and architect of the Schadenhold, a fortress of epic architecture and design that is testament to the skill and mind of Dantioch. When the Legion returns to its world, the crippled Warsmith Dantioch is forced to choose between loyalty to his Legion and Primarch or to his Emperor… Rob’s short is a good one, an interesting take on a Legion never before featured in the Heresy series. Interesting characters, a good plot and vivid descriptions that generate a good mental image." - Child of the Emperor

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