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"I am half-way through the awesome Archaon: Everchosen book which arrived on my shelves last Saturday. I am totally enthralled by the history of this character and have hardly been able to put it down!" - W Derby (Archaon: Everchosen)

"I enjoyed it and finished it in a single night." - Welshoppo (Archaon: Everchosen)

" 'And how about that Alpha Legion caper novella, eh?' - Mossy Toes
'Yeah, I loved that. The twins really do seem to have their own separate agendas.' " -Viking Phil (The Serpent Beneath)

"Very nice and straightforward story. I never thought I would read (hear) some cues of love in grim dark future. I can recommend this audio book. The sounds of animals (Tyranids) were surprisingly rooooooaaaarrriiiing." - Premysl Fiala (The Path Forsaken)

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