After the Fall


My short story 'Fearful Symmetries' in


I’m happy to announce that my science-fiction short story Hyperion is released next week in the anthology ‘After the Fall’. The story is set in a world after technology has failed humanity and those who have survived have been plunged into a new age of darkness, superstition and ignorance.

I really enjoyed working on this with editor Alex Davis. ‘After the Fall’ is released from Boo Books on the 10th May. Pre-orders are available now. Check it out HERE.

After the Fall
Technology has changed the world around us over the last century, and promises even more great things for the future. But what does that future look like without the marvels of the machine age? After the fall of technology, what lies ahead for humanity?

Featuring a new story from Adam Roberts, plus tales from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Caren Gussoff, Amelia Mangan, Stephen Palmer, Rob Sanders and many more.

You can find out more about Book Books HERE.

'The Deathwatch do not fail, inquisitor?'
Fearful Symmetries in Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters

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