Czevak to the Dark Tower Came

Released today is my contribution to the Black Library Advent. It is an Inquisitor Czevak short story called Czevak to the Dark Tower Came. I say a short but as usual, I've blasted beyond my word limit. Beyond his adventures in the novel Atlas Infernal, Czevak's conflict with Ahriman of the Thousand Sons and his exotic galaxy-hopping exploits have recently continued in short story form. Lately we've had the short story Necessary Evil presented in Hammer and Bolter, Shadow Play in the Black Library Weekender Anthology - Volume 2 and now Czevak to the Dark Tower Came. Here's the blurb from the Black Library website.

Like all the Advent stories, Czevak to the Dark Tower Came can be digitally downloaded for the very reasonable price of 79p. Just click the link below:

Czevak to the Dark Tower Came

If you're in the mood for more dark adventures with Bronislaw Czevak, then click the link below for Necessary Evil.

Necessary Evil

If you have yet to get in on the action, there is no better place to begin than with Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak and Ahriman of the Thousand Sons going head to head in the novel Atlas Infernal. Click below:

Atlas Infernal

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Mayan Faux-Apocalypse!

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I like to play games from time to time on the blog. Here is one based upon the short story Czevak to the Dark Tower Came. Below are several Xenos artefacts that have been mislabelled in the Universitae-Imperialis archives on Savignor. They need correctly identifying. Can you identify their name, nature and Xenos origin? Feel free to have a go on Facebook, forums or in the comments section of the blog. Good luck!








Marc Collins "Malkydel" said...

Demiurg survey glass.

Dawn Blade. possibly Eldar

Necron Tomb Spyder.

no idea

something Dark Eldar, likely a torture device.

Jokaero Digi-weapon

James Wymore said...

Alien hair dryer, ice skate blade, space craw-dad for space jambalaya, tuning fork, salad fork, and headphones? Just kidding, but congrats on a cool book!

Anonymous said...

Love any czevak action I can get, hoping to see him return in longer form someday!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all :)

Bellarius said...

Just to check, would you recommend reading Atlas Infernal prior to getting Czevak to the Dark Tower Came?

Isiah said...

Read it anyway Bellarius -- it's an awesome story. And now Czevak's in a short story too, can't wait.

Happy xmas,