Sketching the Scourge

I may be a man of the word - and of my word - but I also appreciate fine art. You know how much I respect artists I work with like Neil Roberts, Jon Sullivan and Stefan Kopinski. I view their fabulous pieces as invaluable ambassadors for my fiction work and in turn I hope my words do their creations justice. I also like to draw attention to the work of other artists who post their work on the web, for the adoration of others. I'm not ashamed to say that I simultaneously pillage and showcase examples regularly on the blog. Recently, a great artist called Scott Santana asked me if I'd like to see some sketches he had done of Zachariah 'The Scourge' Kersh - the main character of my novel Legion of the Damned . Of course, I said yes. He sent them and I was blown away. I think that he really captures Kersh's grim indomitability. I thought it would be wonderful to share them here. Thanks, Scott!


Bellarius said...

I'll definitely agree he has the imposing look you wrote him with, but he looks a little too intact in some ways.

Maestitia said...

Sweety face indeed, really nice art!

Personally, I imagined him with less hair and with a permanent snarl on his mouth.