Black Library Weekender

Just got back from one of our regular Horus Heresy meetings. Excellent stuff. Always brilliant to be part of the process that guides and shapes the direction of this fantastic series. I've just finished a cool Horus Heresy project (hush, hush) and got into thrashing several more (even more hushing!), so I found the day particularly useful.

A quick reminder that I will be at the Black Library Weekender over the next two days. The Black Library Weekender is a two-day event at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel including seminars, signings, exclusive releases, previews and entertainment. Should be a blast. I look forward to seeing and spending time with Black Library fans. Bring your books. Happy to sign them and have a chat. There are lots of things going on with many authors in attendance. My events include:

Saturday 10.30-11-30 am - Space Marine Battles novels - Marlborough / Wellington Suite

Saturday 1.45-2.45 pm - Rob Sanders Q & A - Hardy Suite

Saturday 3.00-4.00 pm - Signing - Victory Suite

Saturday Evening - Pitch Factor

Sunday 11.15-12.15 pm - Villains of Warhammer 40k - Marlborough / Wellington Suite

I've probably forgotten something but I'll be around regardless - enjoying the events and hanging out with fans and authors. I also have an exclusive story available in the Black Library Weekender Chapbook Volume 2 - available on Sunday. My short story is called Shadow Play and sees the return of Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak from my novel Atlas Infernal.

The Black Library Weekender should be a lot of fun. There is fun to be had here, also. Whether you're there or not, why don't you have a go at the caption competition below. Post captions on the blog, Facebook or boards. After the Weekender, I'll nominate a winner for our respect and adoration.


Maestitia said...

I would love to meet you and have some chat but you're so far away from me ^^

May be next time.
I hope it'll be a nice Weekender!

Raziel said...

Horus: I just found him like that Dad, I swear it!

Emperor: Like hell you did! You're grounded for a week, no exceptions! And stop this heavy metal nonsense, you look like idiot dressed all black.

Maestitia said...

By the way, when you mean "Horus project", I know you cannot tell us more, but, can you at least tell us if it's a novel or a short story project?

dave common said...

Emperor :- Horus i'm your farther


big_cheddars said...

I'd just like to point out that that is Corax and Horus, and those two other marines are Raven Guards...

R.A. Mathis said...

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