Where The Hell Have I Been?

You know you have been neglecting your blog when you’ve forgotten which buttons do what on the posting Dashboard. Have been busy with a whole myriad of things, many creative, some horrifying and some simply required. Among the horrifying was an ‘Ofsted’ inspection: teachers just love those, I can tell you. Clearing out my garage was just required. It could hold no more and something had to be done about it. A something that basically amounted to three full days transporting junk to the local dump.

I promised more Review highlights and since many people have been saying many nice things about ‘Redemption Corps’ I should really get on that, but other forthcoming projects demand the attention. The fantastic folks at Black Library have posted my next novel on their ‘Coming Soon’ section. It is called ‘Atlas Infernal’ and the appropriately epic sounding blurb is as follows:

Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak is a hunted man. Escaping from the Black Library of the eldar, Czevak steals the Atlas Infernal – a living map of the Webway. With this fabled artefact and his supreme intellect, Czevak foils the predations of the Harlequins sent to apprehend him and thwarts his enemies within the Inquisition who want to kill him. Czevak’s deadliest foe, however, is Ahriman – arch-sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. He desires the knowledge within the Black Library, knowledge that can exalt him to godhood, and is willing to destroy the inquisitor to obtain it. A desperate chase that will bend the fabric of reality ensues, where Czevak’s only hope of survival is to outwit the chosen of Tzeentch, Lord of Chaos and Architect of Fate. Failure is unconscionable, the very cost to the Imperium unimaginable.

Thanks to the blurb writer on that one. Good job! It’s a little known fact that authors do not tend to write their own blurbs – but do write their own books, you’ll be relieved to discover. We don’t farm that responsibility out. ‘Atlas Infernal’ is out in July so more on Bronislaw Czevak and his adventures later.

What else? I’m usually pretty cagey about future projects, but since other authors identified their contributions at ‘Games Day’, I can confirm that I too have a short story in ‘Victories of the Space Marines’, edited by Christian Dunn and out in April. Christian published my first work, so it’s always a pleasure to work with him and continuing that theme I can also announce that I have a short story in the forthcoming ‘Horus Heresy’ anthology ‘Age of Darkness’, out in May. Could I tell you more about these stories? Probably, but I won’t. Don’t want to ruin the surprise. You’ll see what I mean when you read them. You are going to read them, aren’t you?


Jonathan Green said...

Hi Rob

Never mind where the hell have you been, where are you now?

Thanks for posting on my forum, by the way.


Derek96003 said...

I enjoyed reading your book 'Redemption Corps', it was interesting and imaginative, and I hope you write a sequel. However, I would like to quote my least favorite line, "...and a skull helmet tucked under her helmet.", this line appears at the top of page 258, and greatly confused me. I couldn't find a reference to this any other place online, if another person has already pointed it out, I am sorry for being redundant.


Hey, thanks Derek. I'm glad you enjoyed 'Redemption Corps'. A sequel is a distinct possibility and its realisation is more to do with commitment to new BL projects rather than a lack of interest in 'Redemption Corps'. Thanks for spotting the line: looks like it should be 'arm' instead of the repetition of 'helmet'. I, like all the BL writers and editors, do our best to prevent errors and misprints but occasional ones do slip through. I hope this didn't spoil your enjoyment of the novel and I'll pass on the reference to BL so that it doesn't occur in future print editions. Cheers Derek : )